Chrząszcz [read: xʂɔ̃w̃ʂt͡ʂ], as a Robotmagellan Robot Class, has properties similar to that of an autonomous car. It is designed for competitions where a robot has to navigate itself towards preset GPS coordinates. Destination point is often marked by an orange cone, which has to be touched by the vehicle.


Chassis is a part of the Traxxas Summit 10:1 RC vehicle. It was chosen with keeping in mind ease of fitting all of necessary electronics and modification of the control system. It also has four adjustable dampers, which leaves a bit of flexibility in the field of additional balast. All electronical parts, including PCBs, alongside with the Jetson TK1 Computer have been initially set on place with the use of acrylic glass panes, which are to be replaced with aluminum frames.


Whole system is concetrated around a single board specialized computer NVidia Jetson TK1. There are also three other specialized PCB boards. Each one is dedicated for tasks like power management, sensor data acquisition and motor control.
Sensor board has to measure battery voltage and acquire data from inertia sensors and acoustic distance measuring systems.
Motor board is responsible for control of all of the robot’s motors like steering servos and DC motors with feedback from encoders.
Power board is a set of fuse breakers and power regulators, such as 5V power for other PCB boards and 12V for the NVidia Jetson computer.


The software is based on ROS (Robotic Operating System), which is popular in field of science-related robotics set of tools. It allows to simplify communications between subprograms and makes it more modular.